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Money Magnet - Intensive Course

23-Days Online Intensive Course for the Next Self-Made Millionaires

“I – the Client- and Money Magnet”

🙋‍♀️ Abundance, freedom, prosperity and happiness are the natural, cosmic consequences of finally doing what gives you joy. How much more fun can your body, and you, have? How much more space for fulfilment? What if you stop planning, understanding and wanting to regulate everything? What if money follows energy? What energy can you be so that clients run after you?

🙋‍♀️ Julia Fabich know when you master Energy fields you create in Godspeed. 

How about learning from Julia?

Many think “Aura Surgery” is a certain technique, but in our reality, aura surgery is based on a very special mindset, from which miracles and possibilities can arise. “I– the money and client magnet” 23 days online mini-course – is actually a MAXI COURSE. Together with all participants, we move into a private Facebook group and can get to know each other better. With money energy transmissions, zooms, lectures, time for questions and much more.

23 Days – 149€

Which great choice can you make for yourself today? Will it create more of what you want in your life?

To participate in the intensive-course you need an active Facebook account. To participate in the Zoom conferences, you need an active Zoom account.