How to consistently achieve predictable mid-5 to 6 figure monthly sales being fulfilled with your ideal clients and living your full potential

Even if you have never operated online before or had little success before.  Let´s get clear…

Learn how you too can soon realize your own premium online business!

Dear highly competent woman!

Do you want to become irresistibly successful with your coaching business?
Then continue reading now. I have something for you.

There is a very specific pattern to be successful and fulfilled in your online business – no matter if you are a consultant, coach, trainer, doctor or therapist. It is a success path for experts in all markets – especially in today’s digital age of the Internet. You only have to know it and apply it …

As a premium online business expert and pioneer, I know this success path very well by now.

And I can help you take this success path for YOU and your own coaching business 

… by meeting you where you are and taking you to where you want to be – and even a bit further..

Would you like to get to know the success pattern for coaches, consultants and trainers? And do you want to learn how you can become the next success story with this system – and make 2021 YOUR year?

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Positioning + Personality + Automation + Team


My wonderful clients and their way to success!


Camila Kahn

Starting Situation:
Camila came without any marketing or technical knowledge and with the worry of not being able to sell herself. She also had wonderful knowledge and skills, but unfortunately a weak positioning.


She wanted to take off with her own business in the middle of her professional life. She never wanted to be on the verge of exhaustion again.  Camila wanted a business that would fit her and her life 100% with 3 dogs, teenagers and a husband who travels a lot on business.


Within only 5 months she built her dream business from 0 to up. She knows exactly what she has set out to do, to whom she is giving 100% real added value. She has packed all her knowledge into a brilliant automated online coaching program and has become visible to her dream clients online as a real expert and “go-to person”. Camila has completely overcome her fear of selling. She finally has time for the work that really fulfills her and time and money for herself.

Starting Situation:
Eva had already been in a coaching program years ago, but the breakthrough success had yet to come. She doubted herself again and again and did not yet fully recognize her expertise. It was very difficult for her to win new clients. She still knew too little how to use online marketing for herself and had extreme time pressure as a single parent.

Eva wanted to finally achieve her well-deserved success. She wanted to learn how to become visible with her expertise, how to gain an overabundance of prospects through online marketing and how to sell to her true dream clients with ease and joy. It was essential for Eva to find a suitable business model in order to have it all as a single mom. More quality time with her son, finally some time for herself AND of course money to enjoy the best life possible.


She has found her tailor-made positioning and niche and has developed an automated premium offer and has already sold it successfully. She is now a highly sought-after expert and is regularly requested as a speaker and for podcasts.


Eva Primavesi

PR Expert & Media Coach


Why are my clients so successful?
Automation + Personality + Up-sell + Team

Save yourself a lot of time (and nerves) while building your online business.

Frau gold laptop

The technical part "Done for you"

My team builds your homepage and your client acquisition funnel individually and hand it over ready to use!


True practical expert guidance & mindset

I only passes on what I have tested myself and is working. I have built my digital automated coaching business from scratch and scaled it successfully with automation and building a team. The right processes and the know-how to truly succeed are taught hands-on. The Golden Mindset I train with you is crucial.


Intensive Personal Support

In a VIP session, Julia will provide you with a VIP business plan that will guide you through the entire program. Direct supervision and support from my team of experts in all areas will enable you to make constant progress. All important questions will be discussed personally and solved individually with you. This way you too will make it with ease and joy.

Kundinnen Screenshot

Golden Online Business Success Concept

Through our regular Training Days, my clients master automation, advertising and scaling even without extensive technical experience. During our regular Mentoring Days with unique depth, we achieve personal breakthroughs that did not seem possible before.

Success is not born, but made. For me, success is predictable and not a coincidence. I do not believe in luck or fate – but in you, your potential, your effort, your intelligence and all that we will use together.

I don’t believe lasting success is possible with a single “trick”. We will provide you with everything you really need to build a solid, sustainable, digitally automated business that is based on your expertise and for which your dream clients will gladly apply… so that you finally realize the life you deserve!

Positioning + Automation + Up-Sell + Team


WHO is Julia Fabich?

Julia Fabich

Julia Fabich helps highly-competent women to scale their coaching business in the perfect way. With their expert positioning, automation and digitalization, upsell and team they achieve more, earn more, work fewer hours and enjoy life.

After studying Business and Economics with distinction in Vienna, Vancouver and the USA, she worked in France, India and Austria. During her studies she was a management consultant at Roland Berger. She then spent many years with a big NGO, where she was responsible for social policy and migration. Later on she took the award-winning Social Start Up Career Moves to the next level.

As an ambitious sensitive woman, executive manager and mother of 3 daughters, the constant balancing act was at some point too exhausting. After successful years she decided to reject all further requests and to completely reorientate herself.

"Dream clients in abundance in 16 weeks"

However, a classic self-employment was never an option for her. Through the knowledge and experience she gained, she has developed a smart way for herself with which she can win clients online in an automated way and provide optimal support. As a result, she has earned more within the first 16 weeks in her business than as a well paid manager before. Finally, she is no longer exhausted, torn and rushed.
She knows how to win the right clients online authentically and automatically as an expert and how to enrole them in a high value high ticket offer.

She is particularly passionate about highly competent women who finally want to stop playing small and want to have it all freedom, time, wealth, fulfillment and impact

The success and the unbelievable breakthroughs of her clients are no coincidence – and no luck either – but follow her proven Golden Business Success strategy. Success may be female in 2021.

Profilfoto groß
Testimonial Mandy

A unique and exclusive program

Scale YOUR EXPERTise Business

… finally realize your full potential – here you learn & get everything you really need to succeed with ease and joy


Crystal clear positioning

Julia Fabich positions you personally. Your unique fingerprint let’s you shine and you attract your dream clients like a magnet.

Website & Funnel

You learn what it really takes for a converting website and a successful funnel that automatically turns cold prospects into your dream clients.

Perfect offer and Up-Sell

You learn how to design, automate and scale your offerings that your clients love and enjoy.


Learn how to become visible as an expert for your dream clients. Learn how to automate powerful online marketing in an elegant, effortless and efficient way.

Money & Success-Mindset

You let go of everything that has kept you small so far and finally reach your goals.

Falling in Love with Premium Sales

With my proven "Golden Business Guide" you let clients buy from you. I practice with you until you can do it like a goddess.

Learn Automation & Digitalisation

With automation and digitalization you gain quality of life, work-life balance, time, freedom and easily achieve your financial goals.

Master FB and Google Ads

You learn everything that works for me without paying the apprenticeship fee. You get coaching until you can do it like a queen yourself.


Learn how to get into the hearts and minds of your clients and how to reach deep into the heart of your target group with your marketing.

High Energy

In our Mastermind you grow enormously fast and simply have more success with ease and joy.

Become a Premium Business Entrepreneur

You can consult/coach, but only as a businesswoman you will achieve the success you are longing for.

Build your team

Without a team you can't make 7 figures. Learn how to build and lead a strong team step by step and help your clients even better!

Please check if you meet our requirements

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“Julia is  a highly competent and 100% reliable counterpart. She stands by my side and shows me the direct way with her own experience and profound expertise!” Eva P.

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“I am very much looking forward to helping you succeed!”

Julia Fabich

Julia Fabich
Expert for Premium Online Coaching Business Success

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