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Dear wonderful soul!

 Do you want to step into your full creative entrepreneurial power and become deeply alive, aligned, fulfilled and free? Do you want to succeed with ease? 

Then continue reading now. I have something for you.

There is a very specific mindset and energy to succeed with ease,  fulfilled and free – You only have to know it, allow it and apply it …

As a premium business expert and expert in Aura Surgery- New Dimension of Success, I know this pattern very well by now.

And I can help you to find your sweet spot apply this Success Formula for YOU and succeed with ease in your online business.

… by meeting you where you are and taking you to where you want to be – and even further.

Do you want to be deeply alive, fulfilled and fee? Do you want to be your success story?

Then apply for a free discovering call and potential reading with me


Why are my clients able to make their Dreams come true?

They step into their full potential and unleash their feminine  power


Mentoring Energy & Strategy

I know my clients very well and I know that none of them are the same. And that's exactly the way I treat you. Julia will support you with her invaluable experience as a strategic sparring partner and will lead you personally to your success.

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Intensive support from me directly & a tribe of like-minded

Me and my team of passionate and ambitious geniuses will support you every step of the way and make your challenges almost disappear.

Success is not born, but made. For me, success is predictable and not a coincidence. I do not believe in luck or fate – but in you, your potential, your effort, your intelligence, your possibilities co-creating with God and the Universe, learning Premium Business Strategy and Aura Surgery all that we will use together to create your magic and success.

… so that you finally realize the life you deserve and are meant to life here on earth for this life time!


WHO is Julia Fabich?

Julia Fabich

Julia Fabich teaches energy and strategy to succeed with ease to enjoy a meaningful and rich life in abundance while making the world a better place. With her tailor-made expert soul positioning, her golden mindset, and the tools of Aura Surgery they achieve more, earn more, work fewer hours and enjoy life. Do you also want to work smart instead of hard?

After studying Business and Economics with distinction in Vienna, Vancouver and the USA, she worked in France, India and Austria. During her studies she was a management consultant at Roland Berger. She then spent many years with a big NGO, where she was responsible for social policy and migration. Later on she took the award-winning Social Start Up Career Moves to the next level. 

As an executive manager and mother of 3 daughters, the constant balancing act was at some point too exhausting. After successful years she decided to reject all further requests and to build her premium business to finally have it all: Fulfillment AND Money AND Time AND Freedom.


"My Dream Business for real... "

However, a classic self-employment was never an option for her. Through the knowledge and experience she gained, she has developed a smart way for herself with which she can win clients online and provide optimal support. As a result, she has earned more within the first 16 weeks than as a manager before. Finally, she is no longer exhausted, torn and rushed.
She knows how to win the right clients online authentically and automatically as an expert.

The success and the unbelievable breakthroughs of her clients are no coincidence – and no luck either – but happen when Energy meets Strategy 

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“Julia is  a highly competent and 100% reliable counterpart. She stands by my side and shows me the direct way with her own experience and profound expertise!” Eva P.

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“I am very much looking forward to helping you succeed!”

Julia Fabich

Julia Fabich
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