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Who is Julia Fabich?

Julia Fabich is a Business Mentor working exclusively with  dedicated, ambitious and sensitive female coaches, consultants and experts, who want to succeed with ease

Julia shares with her clients the best and most effective premium online business strategies and energy tools.

Julia knows: “When yo finally choose to live your best life, start co-creating with the universe and God, you create beyond your self-imposed limits and change your reality, if you are allowing it, even in God speed.” 

After studying business with distinction in Vienna, Vancouver and the USA, she worked in France, India and Austria. She was an employed consultant, then for many years a manager at a well known NGO and took an award-winning Social Start Up to the next level. 

After her body began to scream, she finally embraced her calling.

Julia developed the “Energy meets Strategy Success Formula” teaching Premium Business Know-How AND Aura Surgery for the new Dimension of Success.

She empowers her clients to become unstoppable finally being deeply alive, aligned, fulfilled and free.

As a mother of three daughters, “Empowering women to live their wildest dreams, create their best lives” is at the top of her list of priorities.

Julia Meer


All there is now in your life is the result of your past choices! Not karma. Not fate. Not bad luck.

We don’t like to hear that. It is more popular to blame others  and find excuses. Been there. Done that. 

But if this is true that REALLY everything is created by you – doesn’t that also mean that everything is changeable by you?

Good or good? 

This is where aura surgery  starts: We train our awareness. We identify our energy fields,  including all the cracks, threads, dependencies. We “clean up” and build a resonance field for everything we really want. When we combine Premium Online Business Strategy with Aura Surgery a new dimension of success magically happens for ourselves and our clients.


Everyone is a mighty Creator

Does this sound familiar to you... "I am tired of limiting myself. I am tired of over performing and yet under-achieving. I finally want to be deeply alive, aligned, fulfilled and free. "

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