5 ways to make sure you attract clients without money

5 ways to make sure you attract clients without money

Is the following situation familiar to you? Are you a coach, counsellor or consultant and would like to win more of your dream clients?

Then you have probably heard that you should offer free discovery calls, also called breakthrough sessions or strategy sessions.

When I started my coaching business, I also started offering free initial calls. And, by the was I still do today. But unfortunately, back then there was a big problem: My potential clients were very happy to take advantage of the free conversation I offered. They found it really helpful, but when I offered to book a coaching package with me, I got many NOs

„Dear Julia! That sounds great, but unfortunately I can’t afford it at the moment … I’ll get back to you as soon as I have the money.“

„Dear Julia! This is totally great, but my husband manages the money and unfortunately he doesn’t allow me to spend so much money.“

„Dear Julia! It’s a great deal, but I never buy anything right away. I have to sleep over it 1, 2, 3 times….“

At the time, I didn’t know why I was constantly attracting clients without money. I truly wanted to understand. And finally I did understand.

That is why I share with you in this blog article how you can also make sure to attract clients that will definitely NOT have any money to book you 😉

And by the way, as I know now, it never was about not having the money in the first place. I just didn´t know how to let potential clients buy from me the Golden Business Queen way – elegant, with ease and joy.

Keep reading. Keep smiling.

1. Throughout the conversation keep thinking „I desperately need money!“

The first important tip to make sure that your prospect ultimately says that he or she has no money, is that you keep constantly think about yourself and there scarcity you have to overcome throughout the whole conversation.

Under no circumstances, you should pay attention to your prospect. Instead you should continuously keep thinking:

„Hopefully I can sell something to him/her now!“

„If I don’t get this client, then I can’t blablabla.“

Watch out: If you really open your heart and be with your potential client, you could build trust and then there is a great danger that he/she really wants to work with you.

2. Under no circumstances find out what your prospect really wants and believe all stories

If someone comes to you for coaching or counselling, it is quite frequent he/she won’t tell you immediately what the real problem is and his/her big dream


Very easy!

You client is often simply not aware of it himself OR is simply embarrassed. It’s totally intimate and personal. And he is afraid of being rejected or laughed at. Well, we all want to be loved and to belong, so we try to fit and start telling bullshit stories to ourselves and others.

So if your gut feeling tells you: „Somehow it is really strange that this prospect tells me that he thinks it’s totally great, that he hasn’t been making any money with his business for 3 months now“, so please don’t try to have a real conversation. Otherwise you could discover the truth and win a new customer!

3. Talk a lot about yourself and give free tips

Please don´t ask questions, but speak about yourself instead. Make sure to find out as little as possible about your prospect.

Please keep telling and repeating how great you are, how great your business is and how great your coaching approach is!

It is best if you also give loads of free advice during the free strategy session. You know there is nothing more valued than free advice!

We all love it when we are told at family celebrations how pale we look and that we should finally “eat properly”, or that our business is too much stress for us and that we should finally look for a reasonable job or a rich husband.

Your prospects love the free advice just as much as you do!

In addition, they quickly get the feeling that they don’t have to book your coaching anyway, because they already have all the information they need to start.

They will say: “Sorry, unfortunately I have no money!” And then they start with your free tips but unfortunately without you 🙂

4. Answer all questions and justify yourself all the time

There is a simple rule: Whoever asks leads.

So you shouldn’t lead under any circumstances! So let your prospects ask the questions and try to justify yourself as much as possible.

It doesn’t matter that you don’t know anything about your clients or their business. (Because you followed tip 2 and didn’t ask any questions yourself.) You can still give them any tips and advice…

Who wants a doctor who really really wants to find the root cause and want his patient to heal? You can quickly prescribe a few pills against the symptoms …

Well, and if you start justifying yourself in addition, you can make sure that you are perceived as not very competent.

It also helps if you have a lot of self-doubt and you are also unsure whether your coaching really helps your clients.

In general, you should feel responsible for solving all the problems in the world! Please also all wars and global hunger!

This again makes it very easy to only attract clients without money 🙂

5. Don't have fun and remember that selling is hard work!

Last but not least, I would like to give you a few general and important tips on how to constantly attract clients without money 🙂

It is good if you have negative beliefs about selling. You shouldn’t buy anything yourself and be permanently afraid that people will “want to turn something on you”.

You shouldn’t have fun and enjoy selling, but see it as hard and unpleasant work.

If you follow the tips above, it will also be easier to conduct particularly unpleasant sales talks …

Because if you want to honestly help your prospects, if you honestly want to learn the truth about their problems and help them live their dreams, you might find that you really enjoy the strategy sessions

And not just you!

Your prospects could suddenly feel like working with you ad become your clients right away …

And we definitely want to prevent that 🙂

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